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by | Feb 1, 2024 | Child Counseling, Teen Counseling

In talking with a friend and fellow therapist earlier, we were discussing the idea of “summer break”. We usually equate summer break with leisure activities such as travel, concerts, time with friends and family, and self-care. Summer break is typically the time we get a tan, read a good book, and enjoy life at a slower pace.

So as we are approaching back to school, where are those feelings of restfulness and rejuvenation? What about the back to school rush of flurry and frenzy as we prepare to get back into routines? Well, I think this year is different. We keep hearing the term “new normal” but the truth is this summer and back to school time isn’t quite normal. We are seeing an increase in anxiety, difficulty sleeping, uncertainty relating to school reopening, and an overall feeling of discomfort. And it’s left us feeling a bit less, well, rested. Let’s face it, Our bodies are not designed to stay in a state of hyperarousal. We can’t maintain higher levels of cortisol that come with stress without seeing an increase in fatigue and overall exhaustion.

Therefore, as we head into back to school mode, let’s make some concessions. Let’s acknowledge that there may be a sense of letdown. Let’s recognize that our physical bodies may be experiencing some fatigue. And let’s extend grace to each other as summer may not have brought us the rest that we needed.

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Stephanie Rodenberg-Lewis

Stephanie is a licensed professional counselor, a registered play therapist, a national certified counselor and a certified school counselor. She has over 17 years of experience working with children as a classroom teacher, school counselor and licensed therapist. She founded Collective Hope Counseling in August 2020 to help serve her community. With her extensive experience in child development, she knew she wanted to work with kids and their families. Stephanie completed additional training in child centered play therapy and became a certified+ play therapy professional in 2024.